Suyerin Sigils

by Fergus Bentley

This page describes the glyphs, or sigils, which constitute the written form of the Suyerin language, a constructed language from my D&D campaign setting, Auriin

Each glyph consists of one or more connected brush-strokes, navigating a 7-point grid.

Suyerin Abjad

The Suyerin Abjad was a collection of sigils, used to represent the consonant sounds of the Old Taspian language. These sigils 13 were derived from simplified Pre-Suyerin pictograms, which represented words starting with the consonant that the resulting sigil corresponded to.


Enter some text into the textbox to generate the corresponding Suyerin glyphs.

Vowels will be removed, and other characters that don't correspond to sounds in the Suyerin abjad will be rendered as blank spaces. Use c to encode /t͡ʃ/.

All Glyphs

The following is a list of all possible sigils that can be constructed using valid brush-strokes.